An Exclusive Screening of ”Niruttara”

Niruttara- No answer

One of the biggest lessons we learn in life is that there is no set rule of what is right or what is wrong. Perceptions differ from person to person. Life is not just about black and white, it’s a whole field of grey.

Recently, I watched the Kannada movie Niruttara which got my thoughts flowing. I hate movies that make no sense, the slapstick comedy types are not for me. But Niruttara is a different ball game- rather my kind of ball game.

Intense. Deep. Chaotic. That’s what describes this movie the best. Throughout the 2 hour 32 minutes that I was in the theatre, my mind was a whirlwind. I got so involved with the story, with the characters and their lives, I felt like I was living it.

The movie starts off with Achinth, a young musician and his team playing a gig at a pub, as his friend Shravya, a documentary film maker looks on. We get to see their bond and easy camaraderie.  Achinth is kiddish, fun and a ‘’live in the moment’’ kinda person where Shravya is shown to be the more serious and ambitious one.

Achinth meets Hamsa at a function and is immediately attracted to her. We get to know that Hamsa is Shravya’s mentor who is going to accompany Shravya on her documentary filming to Himachal Pradesh. An excited Achinth follows.

On the trip, he tries very hard to woo Hamsa but is crushed after learning that she has been married since 10 years. Initially, it seems like Hamsa is not interested in Achinth but on a drunken night, they end up sleeping together. When Hamsa’s husband, Pradeep, lands at their location to give her a surprise, they are caught red handed.

From here on, the movie intensifies. The first half of the film progresses slowly, leading to an emotional and deep second half where we follow Hamsa’s journey as she struggles between doing something that she wants to do vs what the society wants her to do. We also see how she tries to make those around her understand that what a woman truly craves for from a man is not shelter, but love and attention.

The movie focuses on the imperfections of all the four characters, their feelings and how they try to do what’s best for themselves.

A few noteworthy aspects of the film are:

  • How the director has chosen to portray the journey of a woman. It’s after a very long time that I have seen a heroine-centric film in the Kannada film industry
  • The way they have portrayed infidelity. The society usually holds a very narrow minded view about infidelity and is quick to brand a person but this movie offers a fresh perspective
  • The hold that society has on us. At various points, we see the characters reconsidering their decisions because of what the society would talk about them.
  • How there is literally no answers to some questions in life. The answers you feel are right today may feel wrong tomorrow and vice versa.
  • The art director has done a fabulous job of showcasing all the shoot locations like Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan and Goa in it’s wonderful glory
  • The costumes of the actors are tailor made for them and suit their characters perfectly
  • Brilliant acting on the part of the lead actress Bhavana, who plays the role of Hamsa. We literally feel every emotion of Hamsa’s because of the way Bhavana has emoted.


This isn’t an ordinary movie. A lot of thought, intelligence and effort has gone into it and that is clearly shown. Expecting more of such great films from the director Apurva Kasaravalli.


I was invited to an exclusive screening of this film with my fellow bloggers. It was an immense pleasure to watch this piece of art with the actors, producers and directors. I was thrilled to meet the director Mr. Apurva Kasaravalli, who is the son of the legendary Mr. Girish Kasaravalli.


We also met the lead actress Bhavana and the lead actor Kiran- both of whom are beautiful souls, inside out. All of us discussed the movie, the locations, their journey and lots of other things as well.




I am proud to say that Sandalwood has the honor of hosting such a brilliant film. Kudos!





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