The Perfect Bath with VedaEarth!

After a tiring day at work, what relaxes you?

Watching TV, listening to music, talking to your partner, playing with your pet?

My perfect recipe for relaxation is some soft music, scented candles and a long bath. And thanks to VedaEarth, my bath time just got a 100 times better.

I had no idea about Bath Crystals until recently. I got to know that they are mood enhancers. They are known to cheer you up, de-stress you and remove weariness from the body. I became curious and was excited to try out. That’s when VedaEarth sent me their bath crystals and a beautifully scented organic soap.

Here’s how I set up my perfect bath with VedaEarth:

Step 1: Magnum Soapus

I ran a warm water shower and used the soap to wash, cleanse and lather.

The soap, called ‘’Magnum Soapus’’, smells absolutely amazing, which is a prerequisite for me. It’s completely natural, made from extracts of Basil, Lavender and Juniper Berry. It’s a very mild but extremely moisturizing soap that lathers up pretty well. It left my skin feeling soft and supple.



Step 2: Mood Up

I filled my tub with hot water, dunked in a handful of the bath crystals and switched on some melodious music.I then allowed the bath crystals do their magic!

The bath salt is called ‘’Mood Up’’ and is made of pink salt, Epsom salt and some essential bath oils.

I could literally feel my stress and lethargy floating away from me. I felt absolutely calm, peaceful and zen. Sigh! What a feeling that is!



Trust me, there is absolutely nothing as amazing as these babies. I think I may end up buying a lifetime supply of these bath crystals. After all, who doesn’t love the feeling of absolute calm and serenity?


Word of advice:
Do not use soap after bathing with bath crystals so that the effect remains
If you don’t have a tub, you can use the bath crystals in a bucket of water.
Bath crystals are not for pregnant ladies and children
If you have or are recovering from a recent UTI or vaginal infection, avoid bath crystals until you are cured.


The bestest stress buster is here! Go on, buy some bath crystals from VedaEarth and say hello to a whole new you 🙂


P.S: This is a sponsored post but the views expressed are solely mine and not influenced by outward sources.


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